Guide Doing Business in Belarus will help each investor make thoughtful decision.
Many investment reviews would start from a list of reasons why this particular country is good for investors: competitive business environment, advantageous geographical position, well-developed infrastructure and high business rating – all would be normally named. This is quite natural, because any country review aims at attracting investors' notice. However, if you think of it, any of over 250 countries in the world will have similar or equal advantages, which renders such an approach pointless.

In our guide we aim not just at presenting the advantages of business in Belarus, but also at assisting you in making your independent assessments of the existing risks and in forming a competent and impartial judgement about our country's opportunities. You will not find a list of public holidays or a "5 reasons to invest in Belarus" here. You will only find facts which will be most illustrative of our national business environment.

DoingBusiness guide has been compiled by REVERA lawyers. The guide contains a comprehensive review of all legal spheres and business features: from choosing a fitting tax regime to antimonopoly legislation.

I believe that this DoingBusiness will resolve your questions and will be a good aid in making your decisions.


REVERA managing partner

Dmitry Arkhipenko
Annual review Doing Business in Belarus 2020
- 200 pages of urgent and comprehensive information on Belarusian legislation compiled by a team of 25 specialists

- answers to practical questions of doing business: from choosing a comfortable tax regime to antitrust regulation

- graphic tables and schemes for easy understanding
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